Workshop 5

Recent Advances in Adaptive, Nonlinear and Networked Control. A Workshop on Occasion of Alexander Fradkov’s 70th birthday


Anton Proskurnikov, Delft University of Technology
E. M. Fridman, Tel-Aviv University
Alexey S. Matveev, St. Petersburg State University


This workshop is proposed on the occasion of the 70th jubilee of Professor Alexander Fradkov’s and aims to highlight the impact of his numerous contributions in the areas of adaptive and nonlinear control, control of networks, and the emerging area of cybernetical physics. This workshop brings together researchers who have collaborated with Alexander and will offer presentations on a broad range of up-to-date research in his primary fields of expertise, such as adaptive and speed-gradient control, dynamics of complex nonlinear systems and networks, control and observation under communication constraints, and application of control theory to natural sciences. Among the workshop’s objectives, there is to promote the interest and awareness of the upcoming generation of researchers in these vibrant and diverse research areas.


Morning Session I:
– 9.00-9.10: Opening Remarks
– 9.10-10.10: Opening Lecture, Prof. Frank Allgöwer, IFAC President, Univ. of Stuttgart, Germany
– 10.10-10.30: Alexander Lvovich Fradkov and his scientific school, Organizers

10.30-11.00: Coffee break

Morning Session II:
– 11.00-11.45: From passivity-based adaptive control to LMI tuned adaptive control, Dr. Dimitri Peaucelle, LAAS-CNRS, France
– 11.45-12.30: Speed-gradient Principle: from classical control to the fundamental laws of Nature, Prof. Boris Andrievsky, IPME RAS and ITMO University, Russia

12.30-14.00: Lunch break

Afternoon Session I:
– 14.00-14.45: On Robust Stability of Multistable Systems, Dr. Denis Efimov, INRIA and Univ. of Lille, France
– 14.45-15.30: Adaptive control and identification of distributed parameter and time delay systems, Prof. Yuri Orlov, CICESE, Mexico

15.30-16.00: Coffee break

Afternoon Session II:
– 16.00-16.45: Dynamic consensus in heterogeneous networks, Dr. Elena Panteley, L2S CNRS, France
– 16.45-17.30: Comprehending complexity: Data-rate constraints in large-scale networks, Organizers

The detailed program, which includes abstracts and biographic information can be found here.